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Responsible Association of Retailers

Responsible Association of Retailers (RAR) is a group of businesses who adhere to a Code of Ethics around the safe sale and service of alcohol and cannabis. Members are bars, restaurants, liquor store, cannabis dispensaries and other businesses that provide a service to alcohol and cannabis retailers that support their efforts. The first alcohol responsibility group convened in the Fall of 2004, and the first cannabis responsibility group convened in the Spring of 2016

RAR members are united in their commitment to the following goals:

  • Preventing access to alcohol and cannabis by minors
  • Avoiding business practices that promote high-risk drinking and irresponsible use of cannabis
  • Providing options for patrons to get home safely
  • Collaborating with community entities to solve challenges faced by alcohol and cannabis retailers
  • Providing server responsibility training opportunities for staff
  • Cultivating a relationship built on trust with Fort Collins and Loveland Police Departments
  • Informing the community about our commitment to reduce underage drinking  and underage use of cannabis


RAR is a program under the guidance and authority of it's parent organization, TEAM Wellness & Prevention. TEAM has been providing alcohol and drug prevention services to the Fort Collins community since 1989. TEAM has expanded wellness and prevention programming to include all of Larimer County. TEAM Wellness & Prevention provides prevention education to middle and high school students, makes presentations for parents on topics related to youth substance use, convenes community groups, provides opportunities for youth activities in safe, substance-free environments, and is available as a community partner.


There are three chapters of RAR, alcohol retailers in Fort Collins, alcohol retailers in Loveland and cannabis retailers in Larimer County. While united in a commitment to the safe sale and service of alcohol and cannabis, each chapter is designed to address the challenges that are unique to their respective communities. The businesses in each city are also governed by different law enforcement agencies. Membership in the respective chapters helps businesses cultivate relationships with their local agencies.

If you are interested in joining this worthwhile effort, please contact Nathan "Dewey" at